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By Darya Van Den Heever
Fitness Services


Fitness is a program with light weights exercise with many repetitions which impact your metabolism and pump your heart stronger.

Strength training or High-intensity strength training. Bodybuilding is training where you need a gym and a personalized balanced diet.

Stretching gives you many benefits to be in a good shape and makes a beautiful tone to your muscles. It is a great workout to have in your lifestyle.

This Fitness program is about correction for your Body shape and the proportional development of the figure.

Step aerobics works on fitness goals such as: fat-burning,increasing the endurance of the body,strengthening of the cardiovascular systems.

Pilates is a low-yield power complex. It is aimed at strengthening the muscular corset and improving the spinal column.

Children Fitness

This training for children of the age category from 3 to 12 years
How to choose the correct Personal Trainer?
Or let me introduce myself to save your time and tell you why you should choose me as your personal trainer!

Choose me if you:
  • want to achieve your goal in a short time
  • want to see your first body transformation in the first 2-3 weeks
  • have not got enough motivation to start
  • want to have a personalized fitness program designed to your needs and not a patterned or a copy of everyone else’s
  • want be healthy and fit
  • are very serious about your lifestyle
  • want to become stronger
  • require a personalized nutrition plan
  • require personal focus on you 👀
  • have inspiration or need inspiration
  • require a better, longer, and healthier life for the future
  • want to feel and be more confident about yourself
  • want one additional best friend in your life
  • to be able to have more fun after a workout
  • require your progress to be tracked
I work with love
I am dedicated to my client’s goals and needs. I speak English and Russian languages. I work online and offline. Both Single classes and small group classes.
I have vast experience in fitness and body building and determined to help my client reach their goals
Consultations on nutrition
I will assist you in your dietary plans to help you reach your perfect physique
Well educated
I am well educated in fitness and in the medical aspects of the body and I will structure the perfect program for my clients depending on what their needs are.
I work with all ages, male and female and with kids from 2 years old.
Reach your dream body
You can be sure that you will be in the best well experienced goal driven hands to help you reach your dream body.
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About me

My name is Darya, I’m from Belarus/ Minsk, I am married and have a child.

I am residing in the UAE since 2013.

Living and work as a fitness trainer at Ras al Khaimah.

I have been in the sports industry since the age of 8 years old. I started at a choreographic school, then after that I joined the Republican center of Olympic training in equestrian sports and horse breeding in my county. For many years I did training with horse riding and show jumping. During this period, I enrolled in one more style of sport called “Dojos” (Japanese martial art), as I desired to be stronger and fitter during this stage of my childhood. Since my childhood and over the years that has passed my desire to live a fitness lifestyle and has not changed till now.

At the age of 16 years of age I started my first career and at the age of 18 years old I left my country to travel and work around the world.

In 2014 I became a personal and group exercise fitness trainer at UAE.

I established my own small business and I gained recognition to be published about my work in the New York fashion book as a fitness model and a trainer. At same time I competed in the IFBB category as athlete and started working as an ambassador for Scitec nutrition ( is one of biggest supplement nutrition company at the world).

I have a son. I gained almost +20 kilogram during of my pregnancy period and after my Birth I was able to regain my previous body shape within 6 months by followed a strict healthy food plan and doing home fitness.

I dedicate myself in being a women's coach and always keep learning more about the female anatomy and philosophy to increase my knowledge so to better understand what exactly each person needs for themselves as every individual person is different and need different requirements.


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Don’t give up on your dreams.
There is always way to be better of yourself.
Don’t stop till you done .
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