Strength training or High-intensity strength training.
Bodybuilding is training where you need a gym and a personalized balanced diet.
The Goals:

1. Lose weight
2. Build muscles
3. Body tones
4. Dream bikini body shape

Bodybuilding in the gym is the most popular and effective way for many years till now for people. It gives you more resultative construction for your Body shape and it will stay longer against compared fitness methods styles such as Yoga, Pilates etc.

Gym Fitness
By Darya Van Den Heever
Fitness benefits:

✅ such as increased bone strength.
✅ it’s an overall increase in the size of the tissue or organ (hypertrophy).
✅ improve the muscular system.
✅ endocrine system.
✅ nervous system.
✅ cardiovascular system etc...
It means your body muscles will work with more heavy weights in each program of the training cycle and improve your health level at a stronger level, from biomechanics sessions that are multi-combination of exercises. For each physical level we have each group of exercise.

Also, if we are combining it with high-intensity exercises then that will burn much faster your fat sections. It’s the most common training for burning fat from exercise techniques such as Tabata or supersets. But for this training you need to be an experienced athlete with minimum 6 months (and more) experience of regular workouts.
Gym Training
By Darya Van Den Heever
Gym Fitness
By Darya Van Den Heever
Performing such types of training for the body is quite stressful, and therefore our body begins to change many times faster than from other types of fitness classes. In this training process, there are emissions of Harmons such as: adrenaline, norepinephrine, cortisol, somatotropin, testosterone. This has the most positive effect on the growth of strained muscles.
For all people who chooses this way of training I recommend to start our work from building your muscle corset as is most important to build the foundations and support of our body construction.
Remember ‼️

— Regular visits to the gym, without missing any workout sessions it will lead you to the best results.

It's never too late to start or try new directions of sports styles. The main thing is to find a perfect coach for yourself who will know in which direction to lead you.
If you would like to have a super bikini body, then definitely you need to start workout from the gym.

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