This training for children of the age category from 3 to 12 years of age;

Most important at children fitness is build the interesting, varied, safe, aimed mainly at strengthening the spinal column, proper development and formation of bones, muscles and ligaments of the child, as well as the full development of all body systems.

We will build in the classes the wonderful and trusting relationships with your children. Will create the right atmosphere in the classroom and develop children's abilities such as speed, agility, flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, imagination, thinking, motor skills, memory, creativity in a playful way.

I have already studied in the development of children from the ages of 0-3 years old and practice it with my 2,5-year-old baby boy.

What does babies need at 0-3 at this ages from activities ?

✅ massage.
✅ swimming.
✅ play activities games at indoor and outdoor places.
✅ baby gymnastic

Thank you for choosing me ❤️

Personal Trainer
Darya Van den Heever
Ras al Khaimah.